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Past Life Reading and Pranic Healing

We have discovered that many past life readings that we have done for people, have not only the memory in the subconscious but also unclean energy related to that lifetime in a chakra or chakras.

In Pranic Healing there are 11 major chakras.  For example, the Basic chakra is located at the base of the spine and controls and energises the muscular system.  Any depletion or congestion in the basic chakra can result in arthritis, spinal problems, low vitality to name a few.  Feelings of lack are stored in the Basic chakra.

Another example is, the Throat chakra which controls the throat, lymphatic system etc.  Any depletion or congestion in the throat chakra can result in sore throat, loss of voice, asthma to name a few.  Worry is an emotion stored in the Throat chakra.

WHAT the session will contain:

  1. a past life reading that checks with guidance is written out for you to keep if you want to. We discuss how that life time is affecting you now and (again checking with guidance) which chakra is affected by that memory.  It may be an emotion or it may be an thought form.
  2. Once the affected chakra is established, then do a pranic healing protocol to cleanse and energise that chakra or chakras as well as ‘pull out’ any thought forms or elementals.

PURPOSE: Not only will it identify the root of the misunderstanding but also cleanse the chakra/s and disintegrate the negativity associated with the memory from that lifetime.

Session last about an hour.

Cost: $50. Payable through paypal: