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Inner Authority

Inner authority is an inner decision to be my own boss. I have decided that I can know what is best for me. I have decided that I can make my own decisions based upon my wisdom and my desires.

This means I need to organize my thoughts and my desires so I know what they are and not have someone else telling me what I should be wanting.

Society is a slippery slope that I have to walk every day. My path is narrow and the sides are steep. It takes focus to keep on my path and not allow distractions to influence me. It is easy to have happen. It happens more than I would like.

It would be great if life were easy. It would be great if it didn’t require inner discipline to manifest my inner authority. But it does. I need to be alert to the signs, like an explorer through the jungle. I need to be wary that I don’t fall into a trap and end up in Missionary soup.

But also not forget my goal. Where am I headed? As I pick my way through the jungle I need to keep my eye on my destination and make my best decision. I also need to remember to enjoy the view. That is part of the reason why I am here – to enjoy every moment.

Enjoy the journey, enjoy the struggle and the challenge. Enjoy every bit of it. But stay focused. Stay compact. Stay on the trail. And keep on walking.

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